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Big Rock Farms originated before growing cannabis was a business – it was a way of life. And in this rural section of Southern Humboldt it was a shared experience. The purveyors started young and earned their growing credentials as a necessity that accompanied their love for the plant. It provided them opportunity, and particularly in the early years during the War on Drugs, was also full of risk. Big Rock’s founders at that time had to flee law enforcement into the safety of the tree canopy where unique growing styles were created and continue to this day. The style and philosophy of Big Rock and their brethren like them came from being under pressure, preferring the outdoors, and disliking being told what to do by anyone else.

The Southern Humboldt region where Big Rock Farms is located provides a unique microclimate that allows for their beautiful flowers. Temperate seasons and evenings meld with the humidity from local waters for an unparalleled cultivating atmosphere. With this in mind, the master growers at Big Rock believe in cultivating outdoor, chemical-free cannabis whose process leaves a small environmental footprint.

The community and farmers in this region love what they do, and predominantly live off the land. With the beating heart of people who care about their products, Big Rock boasts organic gardens and much livestock, in addition to their cannabis. Not only are people nourished by what they consume here, but the flowers cultivated in these fields also relieve pain and create comfort.

Enjoy the pleasure and relief of a plant borne of an experienced family of growers who enjoy pursuing what they love and sharing it with you.